Dear Friends,

It is our pleasure to invite you to join us at the European Union Model Torino 2017, which will take place from Monday 27th March to Thursday 30th March in Turin, Italy. As Secretary of M.S.O.I. Torino, the Turin-based branch of M.S.O.I. - U.N.Y.A. (the Italian partner of the United Nations Youth Associations network), I am particularly proud to present this third edition of EU MODEL Torino, the first Model of European Union in Italy.

Our goal is to offer students all over Europe a new, exciting, and educational conference simulating the actual work of EU bodies. We believe that young people must improve their knowledge about European affairs, in order to be able to better understand the current most relevant topics in its political debate and the functioning of the ordinary legislative procedure.

During this four-day conference, participants will act as the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and the Members of the Council of the European Union. For this third edition we have chosen a topic that address an issue often underestimated but extremely present and strictly tied to our everyday life: the adoption of common laws on personal data protection. Starting from the EU KNOW conferences, we will have the chance to discuss and examine the numerous problems in which Web users may incur while they divulgate their personal informations and focus on the legal solutions that can be reached in order to guarantee their safety and rights.

EU Model Torino is the perfect occasion for beginners and experienced MUNers alike to test their decision-making, negotiation, and persuasion skills. This simulation welcomes all those who aspire to reach a deep understanding of the decisional mechanisms of the institutions of the European Union and are curious about the proposed topic.

All delegates are invited to attend training sessions where renowned experts will provide them with a proper conceptual framework in the fields of Politics, Law, Economics and Informatics so as to proficiently take part in the Conference.

Your experience will be enriched by side events and social activities where delegates will be able to meet smart, like-minded, and fun-loving people. You will also have the chance to explore the wonderful city of Turin and take delight in its timeless art, its amazing architecture, its vibrant nightlife, and tasty cuisine. So do not miss out on this amazing opportunity and just send your application in!

The M.S.O.I. staff and I are looking forward to welcoming you all at European Union Model Torino 2017.


Elisabetta Botta
Secretary of M.S.O.I. Torino


EU Model Torino 2017 is a project dedicated to the EU law making procedure and consists of two different phases. The first phase is called EU Know and it represents the moment of study and learning. The second phase, which is called EU Make, is the simulation of the functioning of the European institutions. The project is designed to embrace the two typical moments of scientific learning: analytical on one hand, empirical on the other.


During the academic year, the project will include a number of events such as conferences and seminars in which students will discover the main topics of the European debate from the viewpoint of scholars and experts who will contribute their experience and competence. All these events are intended to facilitate the dialogue and debate; this is why the audience will be playing an active role in the discussions between students and experts.


The peak of the entire activity will be the simulation itself. The participants will debate two legislative proposals and simulate EU law-making by acting as Members of the European Parliament or Members of the Council of the European Union. The staff will be playing the role of the European Commission.