The activities of EU Model Torino will be taking place in the Campus Luigi Einaudi, set in the heart of the cultural and educational life of the city of Turin. The iconic building designed by the world-famous Foster&Partners opened its doors in 2012 and has been voted one of the best university campuses in the world. Its 45,000 square meters have been conceived with the most innovative architectural, environmental and energetic technologies. With the purpose of recreating the functioning of the three main European institutions, the activities will be held in two different buildings within the campus:

  • D1 - Graduation Room: European Parliament
  • D2 – Meeting Room: European Commission.
  • D2 – Room 3 D2 33: Council of the European Union

The opening ceremony of the EU Model Torino 2017 will be hosted in Palazzo Lascaris, Via Alfieri 15.


Porta Nuova + line 68

Porta Susa + line 6

Lines 6, 18, 68.