In order to get prepared to EU Model Torino 2018 we invite you to take part to our #EUKnow preparatory conferences, that will take place on the 21st and on the 26th March. Find out more on the Program section of this website and on our Facebook page.

Like any other academic activity, EU Model Torino requires a certain amount of preparation in order to experience the simulation to its utmost. If this is your first experience, this is not a problem as the simulation is thought to be an important moment of learning. However we strongly encourage all participants to build the background skills necessary to take part in the debate during the weeks before the conference.

After the closure of applications you will be given a description of the specific profile you will impersonating during the simulation, whether it be a Member of the European Parliament or a Member of the Council. This will constitute the essential compendium for your background, but this is only where the simulation begins! You will need to conduct an autonomous research in order to clarify and embrace your position on the issue and firmly stand up for it during the debate.

During the first day of EU Model Torino you will participate in a training session dedicated to the procedural rules of the EU institution you will be assigned. The accuracy of your preparation will show during the debate. Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our staff for further clarifications on the procedure, the topic or your profile.